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Electrolizer is a electroshock device which can be used with every other Mindbending product (Tranquilizer, Pacefistilizer, Mobilizer, etc.). It is used for accelerating the conditioning process. Electrolizer is based on the newest research results of our Big Brother Laboratory in the United States. The conditioning time can be accelerated up to 10 times, depending on the level of hurt you want your children to bear. Seems logical criminals fried on the electric chair are conditioned the first time of their 'therapy' because the voltage is high enough, they won’t murder again, they've learned their lesson!
How does Electrolizer work ?
You get the device of Mindbending and just plug it in, your Mindbending software will detect it automatically. For example if you use Tranquilizer for your children, they get an electro shock everytime they move. This helps as a additional conditioning. Or imagine Pacefistilizer in combination with Electrolizer, everytime your children try to kill an enemy in a game they get an electroshock, soon they will be the most peacful kids on earth.
So if you think some pain is okay for your kids and the most important thing is that they change fast accordingly to your ideas, then don’t hesitate buy Electrolizer now and get a free conditioning software from our mindbending store.

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Mindbending software inc. can not be made responsible for any damages of the brain or any other unwanted effects.
Warning: People with heart diseases shouldn't use Electrolizer!


Price: $1489.99


Product Reviews
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Leila Karpov: "At first my son protested and complained about the pain he had to suffer but the success was worth the torture he says now"

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